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The Beautiful Elite

Classy Broads and HOT Boys!

Las Vegas - Los Angeles
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Welcome to our community:


`elite as fuck! (good music taste, good fashion sense, good looking)
`no "goths," "punx," or "freaks"... this will not be tolerated, you are obviously still in middle school if you paint your nails black, hang out at the mall and listen to marilyn manson. don't even think about joining if you relate to any of the above. i garuntee you WILL be rejected.
`no downplaying yourself, it's all about confidence (low self-esteem is not needed)
`respect the mods (they CAN ban you, after all)
`do not join if you don't have anything in common with the interests listed below (or things like them)
`post lots of pictures! (atleast twice a month)
`be active in the community
`do not advertise your communities in here, there are places for that.
`do not post if you're not accepted! (feel free to show off our cute banner in your userinfo)
`have fun, share what you want and do what we all do best.


you have 24 hours to post your application after joining;
Were you invited? If not how did you find us?:
Top ten favourite bands:
Atleast three clear picture of yourself:


invite people

meet your mods:
Hazel ______allure


Corina wheres_my_tiara

Once you have been ACCEPTED, please promote. Use this banner, and link us.

Enjoy! Be Nice, what the hell, BE REAL.
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