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since i am a mod, this isn't necessary, but... WHAT THE HELL.

`Name: Hazel Ann.
`Age: How old do I look?
`Location: The beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.
`Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: I'm a mod, bish.
`Top ten favourite bands: Christ, this is hard... Elliott Smith (R.I.P.), Brand New, Chicks On Speed, Adult., The Smiths, Cursive, Gravytrain!!!!, A Prayer For Cleansing, Joe Jackson, The Postal Service. I don't even know if that's the top ten... I just thought i'd pick the most diverse ones, WHATEVER.
`Atleast three clear pictures of yourself:

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Sexy musical taste. I would say you are about 17 years of age. You live in Vegas, which is the greatest place. I looks just like Phoenix, which is why I also like it.
Thank you, thank you. 17? You're the greatest. I know some people in Pheonix, but i've never been there... I really want to go one day, I can't imagine what it's like.
You are welcome. Yeah I thought I would give you a higher age because I was thinking "she looks young, but she could be older than she looks, and if I give her a low age and she is actually older she may get mad, so I will play it safe." Yeah I actually thought that through.

Phoenix is alright. It is my home, so I can't talk too much bad about it because I don't really hate it at all. Come here and visit. It is only 6 or so hours away from Vegas.
You're only off by two years, but what the hell. Hahaha, that's funny that you thought that through. There's a lot of girls like that it seems... Young ones who look older.

I had a friend from Globe or something, aren't like, Globe, Tempe and Glendale all super close? Vegas doesn't have anything like that... Little towns and stuff.
They are all different parts of Phoenix basically. Not necessarily all close to each other. Phoenix is a huge city though. Very spread out.
Oh, I guess that makes sense. I want cute little names like that for Vegas.
Divide Vegas up into little sections and then give them names. Then you will rule the city.
Crackville, Getto& A Little Bit More Ghetto!
do I rule now?
Yes. Now come over here and change the names here.
I so would. I bet everyone would hate me though.

Deleted comment

i'm the girl in the rejected picture.
bit young arent u to be using language like u did.thought u were sposed to be classy???
u wanna get out in the world and gain some life experience.
p.s id rather be a cunt than look like a smack head.