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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Posted by:skin_flick.
Time:9:00 pm.
i think the pretty ones should go an join ljsnexttopmodel i hear it's a bunch of beautiful people all up in there.
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Subject:new one.
Posted by:cheesecondoms.
Time:7:57 pm.
Name: Andrea, but most call me Drea
Age: eighteen
Location: california, near San Jose
Were you invited?If not how did you find us?: stummbled upon when i was searching interests.
Top ten favourite bands: cursive, the apes, mars volta, new order, the cure, deathcab for cutie, the liars, hot snakes, rocket from the crypt, blondie
pix...bewareCollapse )
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Wednesday, February 11th, 2004

Posted by:_aspenitis.
Time:8:36 pm.
Name: hcnif mada
Age: sixteen
Location: bristol, england
Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: i am finchee
Top ten favourite bands: brandnew, finch, coheed adn cambria, thursday, jamisonparker, yellowcard, taking back sunday, hidden in plain view, senses fail && straylight run

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Monday, February 9th, 2004

Posted by:______allure.
Time:12:41 am.
i have a small black/grey (real) coach bag if anyone wants to buy it for $40 it would mean a lot to me, for i need this money to go see the cure!

Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Posted by:drunknfuckedup.
Time:11:05 am.
Name: Eliza Emma
Age: 21
Location: Manhattan, New York
Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: No, but I'm in fashionism_ with _____allure
Top ten favourite bands: david bowie, interpol, ryan adams, echo & the bunnymen, pulp, adult., bikini kill, the jesus & mary chain, the ming dynasty, the raveonettes

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Subject:Baggage business
Posted by:chewingballs.
Time:6:33 pm.
I had to make a item out of recycled material for school so I cut up my jeans and made a bag. I don't know what to say about it, I think it isn't too shabby...:/

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Saturday, February 7th, 2004

Posted by:blackxandxwhite.
Time:5:18 am.
Mood: good.
Name: Wendy.
Age: 18.
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina.
Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: Just randomly stumbled up on it.
Top ten favourite bands: The Postal Service, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, Thursday, Against Me!, Incubus, Thursday, A Static Lullaby, Finch, and Rufio.
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Thursday, February 5th, 2004

Subject:street smarts las VEGAS
Posted by:______allure.
Time:11:17 pm.
Mood:fdjfsdj PISSED OFF.
bless your dress: haha this girl in las vegas
bless your dress: shes like theres a louis vuitton store right down the hall
bless your dress: hahahaha she was in ceasars
bless your dress: forum shopzzz
bless your dress: fkjdsfhd
bless your dress: she just GOT THIS QUERSITON FWRONG
bless your dress: AND SHE SAID IT WAS A DESSERT
bless your dress: ITS A MAN FOR CHRISTS SAKE

Posted by:______allure.
Time:6:29 pm.

Dear Victoria's Secret,

Please beware of the fact that after this weekend you will have no more of this item in stalk, for I will be buying them all. Actually, just the black one.

Love Always,

Hazel Ann
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Friday, February 6th, 2004

Posted by:december_stars.
Time:12:46 am.
Mood: hopeful.
Name:Ben Tiffin
Age: 20
Location: South East England
Were you invited?Yesh, By the wonderful finchee
Top ten favourite bands: Coheed, Brand new, Incubus, Finch, HIPV, Early November, Matchbook Romance, Something Corporate <3, The Postal Service, Funeral 4 A Friend
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Thursday, February 5th, 2004

Subject:See Jane Apply
Posted by:_jane.
Time:12:49 pm.
Mood:so tired i can't sleep.
o1. Name: Miss Jane-Claire Artemis Curran Quigley.
o2. Age: Seventeen.
o3. Location: San Francisco
o4. Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: I saw an ad in j_adoreparis.
o5. Top ten favourite bands: [Not necessarily top ten. But I dig: ] .David Bowie .Explosions in the Sky .Melt Bandana .Postal Service .City of Caterpillar .Le Tigre .Elliott Smith .Belle & Sebastian .Joy Division .The Pixies
o6. At least three clear picture of yourself: el jay see you teeCollapse )
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Posted by:finchee.
Time:5:05 pm.
There was once a boy called ADAMCollapse ) and he rawked that casbah!
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Subject:new! like whoa.
Posted by:chewingballs.
Time:4:25 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Name: Angeline/Angie
Age: 14 (young'un :/)
Location: Singapore the sunny island
Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: You invited one of my friends and I noticed the lovely picture :D
Top ten favourite bands: Coheed and Cambria, Brand New, The Mars Volta, Coldplay, Explosions in the sky, The Distillers, Ash, Suede, The Ramones, Tool
Atleast three clear picture of yourself:
pick up the telephoneCollapse )
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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004

Subject:since i am a mod, this isn't necessary, but... WHAT THE HELL.
Posted by:______allure.
Time:10:34 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
`Name: Hazel Ann.
`Age: How old do I look?
`Location: The beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.
`Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: I'm a mod, bish.
`Top ten favourite bands: Christ, this is hard... Elliott Smith (R.I.P.), Brand New, Chicks On Speed, Adult., The Smiths, Cursive, Gravytrain!!!!, A Prayer For Cleansing, Joe Jackson, The Postal Service. I don't even know if that's the top ten... I just thought i'd pick the most diverse ones, WHATEVER.
`Atleast three clear pictures of yourself:

this is warCollapse )
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Posted by:xxsleeper.
Time:10:25 pm.
Mood: freezing.
Name: kristy
Age: 17
Location: el monte. california
Were you invited? If not how did you find us?: wheres_my_tiara, she invited me; i'm doing this for her
Top ten favourite bands: the clash, the cure, social distortion, the distillers, led zeppelin, bad brains, buzzcocks, cock sparrrer, misfits, t.s.o.l.
Atleast three clear picture of yourself:

i don't give a fuuuuuckCollapse )
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Posted by:bryanunseen.
Time:11:17 pm.
just an explosion in the skyCollapse )
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Posted by:______allure.
Time:6:02 pm.
Mood: excited.
welcome to la_bella_elite.
feel free to join if you fit within the rules we've layed out on our userinfo page. we'd love to have you, go on and tell your friends.

ciao bellas,

hazel ______allure & corina wheres_my_tiara
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